Blockchain In Insurance

A few weeks ago, one of my vehicles were damaged and I’ve been going through the process of getting it assessed and repaired. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing about the “Game Changing” innovations that will transform many areas within the Insurance Industry. One of the innovations I’ve been diving into is Blockchain, and […]

Abel Travis

Why I created a Podcast dedicated to Insurance Innovation

Ever wonder what drives Innovators in the Insurance Industry to want to revolutionize legacy business models? Companies like Quilt, Slice Insurance, RiskGenius and Ask Kodiak are generating ideas that are transforming the insurance lifecycle. While ideas come a dime a dozen, executing well, as these companies have done, is what advances true innovation. Think about […]

Abel Travis

Why traveling makes me a better leader.

Oftentimes, I reflect on the places that I’ve visited throughout the world and realize that I’ve gained a world of experiences that I can leverage in my day to day environment.  Being able to travel has enabled my ability to utilize these experiences and made me a much better leader than I would have been […]