Abel Travis

Why I created a Podcast dedicated to Insurance Innovation

Ever wonder what drives Innovators in the Insurance Industry to want to revolutionize legacy business models? Companies like Quilt, Slice Insurance, RiskGenius and Ask Kodiak are generating ideas that are transforming the insurance lifecycle. While ideas come a dime a dozen, executing well, as these companies have done, is what advances true innovation.

Think about walking into a dark room with 12 other individuals, each holding a lantern.  If I light your lantern with mine, it does not diminish my light, instead it makes the path brighter for all individuals walking into that room.

This is why I have devoted some of my personal time to creating a podcast dedicated to the topic of Insurance Innovation.  I once wrote that “networking enables you to take on new thoughts distinct from our central aptitudes within our known expertise.” (HERE).  I have a goal of speaking with 52 Insurance Innovators over the next year and sharing the “light” from these innovators through this podcast.  I hope to educate and inspire our industry, through telling the stories, discussing thought provoking ideas, and uncovering what specific actions can be taken to help the Insurance Executive, Underwriter, and everyone in-between think differently by challenging the status quo.

I believe there are many paths to transforming our industry, and the expertise from my conversations with Thought Leaders will illuminate these paths and maybe spark an idea that further accelerates growth for those that are listening.  I am passionate about Insurance Innovation and look forward to adding to the discourse around transforming our industry. Educate.  Inspire.   Innovate.


First, please subscribe here.  Next, listen to my first discussion with Matteo Carbone (HERE), world renowned Insurance Thought Leader on Lessons in Insurance Innovation.  Listen to the Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or by visiting Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast.

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