About Me

I’m Abel Travis.  Rewind to September 2000, I’ve just been chosen as the CEO of a College sponsored business.  Fast forward to 2017, and I’m currently the AVP and Head of Product Management at a Mid Sized Insurance company.  I currently advise several Technology Startups, and I advise private equity firms on the insurance investments.  I love building new products and designing new software applications!

My Story

I come home from a Job that I love, spend time with my wife and children, but when they are settled down and sleeping, I work hard to continue to grow my expertise in product management, investing, personal finance and software development.   I do it through discipline, understanding the trends of the markets, and creating products and services that are useful to niche audiences.

I’ve come from a very (Emphasize) VERY modest background, and used discipline as my drive to strive for greater and greater successes.   I write about what I love, and that includes travelling.  I’ve been to more than 30 countries since I turned 18 and will continue to grow that list of countries I’ve traveled to.

My ultimate goal is to become the CEO of, or build a large company from the ground up.  My motto, “Research, Build, Innovate”.